viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016


(My way)

On top of the hill you’ll find a treasure…
Or so they say.
              But the way is long and almost lonely.

The things about humanity…
What reaches the eye and what not,
otherwise, impossible…
                But yours will be the end.

“Keep walking”, they say…
Until you’re surpassing a barrier they made,
then, you’ll be hanging as a contradiction,
             have faith, it won’t las for long… I hope.

We’re walking towards redemption…
At least, I want to believe we do
even though we’re not.

I’m walking my way…
         my own stupid blinded way.

On top of the hill perhaps I’ll find my freedom,
perhaps it ain’t a thing about humanity,
perhaps… what if… perhaps.
                It’s more than meets the eye.

The bones are shattered somewhere,
maybe we’re a far and dealing with illusions,
And what if the hill is upside-down?
And what if…?

And what if I jump from the edge
                          and choose to “shatter”?

A reason of perspective,
a reason about reasons to believe…
In me, in my own volition, on my guts to walk my way.

An ending edge and not a hill…
A place to jump and not to climb…
Upside-down I see my future,
                    and I will learn to fly.

-My way-

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