sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

Like you.

Like you.
(To the grandfather I never met)

Even though I never met you...
I just want to be like you,
a man of honor and presence,
of taste and manners,
of class and all.

I've grown so fond of your stories,
the man so kind everyone loved,
so serious, and yet...
As cool as a human being could be.

Even though I never listened to you...
Your voice empowers all my childhood dreams,
roaring and vibrating as a thunder,
deep and calm as crystal sea.

I have just a picture of your youth,
a respected handsome man you were,
and as for me, your picture shows...
The I kind of man I wish I were.

All I've heard of you constructs
the hero of a time I never met,
the shining knight I never knew,
the perfect man, I wish to emule.

And if I could back in time for once...
I would like to meet you at last,
to hear you out for real,
to learn what it was to be a man.

And if I could somehow reach you...
I would tell you about my granny,
the stories she kept inside...
About the love you used to have.

And even though I never met you...
I'm wishing every day to be like you,
a devoted father, an amazing husband,
And as for me, the perfect son.

A man so bound to happiness...
That even gone,
we never will forget.

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