domingo, 24 de abril de 2016


(The hummingbird)

I had a dream last night,
I wasn't me, 
but a hummingbird instead.

Outside the window there was a valley,
oceans, mountains, rivers.
A map of the world unseen.

I set my feet in motion,
a man to fly,
a bird to walk his feet.

Wings of wisdom took me higher,
my eyes were shut,
but not enough for me to see...

The broken bones of our society,
a loveless woman watching distance,
a man on hidding beneath the flowers,
a squirrel jumping from the tallest tree.

I pulled my body over o try to catch her, 
to put her safe and make her heal,
but instead of falling, she got higher...
while the lonely girl just smiled at me.

A blooming feeling blossomed slowly,
the broken bones can also heal,
and as the sun came out of nowhere...
i took my time to fall a sleep.

No saints allowed at midnight,
or angels to take away my fear,
just a dream to take me higher,
oceans, mountains, rivers...
And a map of the world unseen.


Last night I had this dream,
a hummingbird I was,
and perhaps...
a hummingbird was me.

Outside the window there was a valley,
a man beneath the flowers,
a lonely girl...
that waits on top of tree.

-The hummingbird-

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