domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

If in needing.

If in needing.

If in needing of a verse,
or a word to express your mouth...
I'll have my fingers on the trip,
my heart and thoughts to give a try.

If you ever need a poet, or a poem,
or perhaps a bit of both...
Then, let me try to keep it simple,
I'll be your hands, your pen, your sword.

If you ever need to tell a story,
a touchy word or hint for love...
Just come again to ask me,
I promise...
I'll try my best to make it work.

And if you're down and want to express it,
as a fallen leaf across the street,
I'll be then, (if you let me)
the wind that blows and takes you higher,
the wind that moves across the sea.

But if you decide to stay in darkness,
i'll be your tongue, your hands and sheet.
And so, for all you try and tell me,
I'll write a verse, for you to keep.

-If in needing-

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