martes, 15 de abril de 2014

The sleeping beauty's tragedy.

The sleeping beauty's tragedy.

While she rests, or so they say,
I admire her sleeping beauty,
the ups and downs from her chest...
and her face so cold and lonely.

Rivers flowing red as blooming roses,
the pain of thorns, the joy of watching,
and as we move across the hallway...
dancing angels just keep calling.

If I could just hold her for a minute...
if I could just redeem this night for sure,
if I could just watch a little more her beauty,
if I could just close my eyes and let her go.


The lights are fading slowly,
my hands can't reach her too,
and when she awakes,
I won't be kissing...
 the sleeping beauty I just lost.

-The sleeping beauty's tragedy-

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