miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

In this nightmare.

In this nightmare.

Feeding of my feelings you were,
skin crawling, binding my reflection,
having me inside my own jail.

This game of us, this time imperfect…
Every memory corrupted to the core,
every word we never shed.

Am I lost to your demanding madness?
Am I lost and never safe?
Oh but I love to have this nightmare…

Once in a while I learn from you,
afraid or not I will surpass you,
alive or not I won’t be yours.

But it is in this place we have created,
in this place of lost and sometimes found…
That you reach for us without the silence.

One hand to me and palm extended,
the voice of past, the future form.
A face in so wrapped in darkness,
perhaps tormented soul.

But we seek in vain for comprehension,
something none of us will ever find,
and so this game, this game of instants…

Will be tasted, forever on the blank.

-In this nightmare-

2 comentarios:

  1. "demanding madness"... Sí... lost, lost, sooooooo lost!!!
    Mira qué bien me vienen tus letras ahora.... :/

    Y qué pasa si uno decide no despertar así sea la peor de las pesadillas? Y qué si, aún en el más terrible de los infiernos, encontramos algo de paz y seguridad?

    Está jodido...

    (Abracito, rojito)

  2. No es pata tanto, uno decide como vive y el peso que carga. El resto es solo una excusa.

    Besos sweet.