lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Glowing in the dark.

Glowing in the dark.

Shadows cannot cover the pale
of a skin so soft, a skin so white,
and when she smiles to me, I smile...
as a reflection of my inside hale,
the hale, she made ceased to exist.

Two pits of nature shining over,
a field of turquoise, a shining life,
and when I reach to her reaction...
a softened red, a lip she bites.
I found inside the darkness... Light.

A beating heart igniting others,
a candle light that shines across,
a beacon of love, the light of hope,
the end and the beginning of what matters...
inside the chest, the warmest sweetest road.

And so I found inside the darkness...
my life, mi light and love.
The face of my own and precious angel,
the place where I must always return.
With her, my little girl that always glows.

-Glowing in the dark-

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