viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Spell of love.

Spell of love.

You’ve casted upon me…
One spell of life, one spell of love,
but as a curse of god you fell…
into the same spell of life, the spell of us.

You and I are now condemned
to share the house, the meal, the door,
and as the time will pass and make us old…
we’ll be together across the spell, the spell of love.

Someday I’ll wake to never find you,
someday you’ll wake to see me gone,
but there under the spell, the spell of love,
you and I will be together, as silent lovers,

as a corpse.

I’ve casted upon you a curse of blindness,
s curse of love, imperfect truth,
but as we grow you’ll come to find me…
the one you love, the one to hold you close.

For my curse we’ll share the bad times,
for your spell we’ll share the passion flows,
for the life we’ll share the gardens…
for the heart we’ll share the girls and boys.

Some day you’ll wake to wake me,
some day I’ll sleep to sleep us both,
some day you’ll come to find me…
praying god, the curse of love.

-Spell of love-

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