jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Untitled 5.

Untitled 5.

If I call your name I will,
for sure,
find the gift of love,
the tender past.

But if I scream it’s not enough…
Will you come to hold my hand?

I’ve been chasing after,
I’ve been running into,
but the more I try…
The less I seem to find.

If I call for redemption,
if I call for your love,
if I call for surrender…
May you forgive us both?

A kiss and I’ll be living,
a kiss and I won’t leave,
a kiss of both believing…
That you belong with me.

Come home and let me hold you,
come close and don’t let go,
come forth and be my lover,
let’s bring the past, to future form.

-Untitled 5-

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