sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013



I promise, some day…
I will be able to forget you,
but until the day comes…
Angie, I’ll be shooting myself.

I wish I could erase you,
I wish I could erase me,
but in the end…
Impossible is on, ahead.

May these sad words will get you,
make you come just once more,
make you open the door one last,
make you never ever let me go.

I’ll try and keep on living,
I’ll try not to miss you much,
but Angie… you will always know
that I’m shattered without your love.

I promise, one day I will forgive you,
one day I’ll be forgetting you,
but Angie… it’s still true I need you,
it’s true I’m never fit to let you go.

All the pain and sorrow I have now,
all the tears I shed for the tender you,
all the time I’ve spent in silence,
all this old and fragile heart I own…

Take it all and all that’s happened!
take it all and please just let me go!
take it all and let me handle…
The ashes of the man you let to burn.

Hold me once and kill me,
hold me twice and let me go,
hold me last and end this nightmare…
About us, the past and tender love.


Some day I’ll definitely forget you,
some day I’ll maybe find new love,
but until the day I’ll come to reach you…
I’ll be shooting myself to death, unloved.

- Angie-

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