domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Untitled 4.

Untitled 4.

Tied to her own chains…
she dances towards destruction,
each step at a time she laughs,
she breaths and bids farewell.

I’ve tried to talk to her
inside an empty cage she bought,
but needles to be listened to,
she went away where I don’t know.

Angels of hope will whisper
while demons shiver on their home.
A prey in love in hell will sob…
while heaven gates forget to listen.

Every memory I have will be forgiven,
every touch I gave will sow,
and when embarking hell to meet her…
she will still deny my words of love.

Fading in the distance I’ll remember
the winter time she gave us both,
the autumn leaves, the summer flow.
Spring time, has left us long ago.
-Untitled 4-

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