sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2012

Untitled 3.

Untitled 3.

To rise again, first I have to fall,
but if I fall and cannot rise…
Would you still love me enough?

Oh but the times will pass
and pass again or not,
but if times pass and you let go…

May the god forgive my silence,
may the words find a way to live,
may my body turn to ashes…

And my love remains in here.

A house of phantoms I created,
howling wolves under my skin,
each of them in here surrounding,
each of them to live in here.

A careless life I gave them,
a careless love they gave to me,
but at the end we’re still smiling,
love is not always so sincere.

May my words become a lighthouse,
may my lighthouse become your love,
may your love forgive my silence…
May my silence hold her love.

Oh but times will pass and she’ll forgive me,
she’ll forget me as I may as well forget,
maybe we never were the lovers,
maybe I was just a vessel for her voice.

And if I fall and reach the silence…
Will I be alone again against the wall?
Ah! The bet... to rise or just to fall.

-Untitled 3-

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