sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012



When the time came to let you go…
I moved away and sorrow flow.
My heart was also a shame,
my name… I left it go.

For lonely days I have awaited,
the more I cared, the more alone.
Bullets of pain my chest were hurting,
the more I cared… The less I loved.

A heart of ice became my insides,
a careless man about the love,
and as if it was kind of like a signal…
A feather came, but was ignored.

Up in the sky the birds were flying,
another day, another love.
And if I smile again in silence…
Will you learn at least what you did wrong?

Flying away for selfish purposes,
coming again to play my love,
and to make the matters worsen…
You showed me pride becoming lost.

A caged bird chirping on the distance,
a heartless fool was not enough,
and as a mirror reflecting all your darkness…
Your welcome home; the bird is gone.


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