miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

In God's name.

In God’s name.
(He who carries the poison)

I have inside my body…
The bloody existence of my poison,
the stain of life crowning presence,
the unpleasant pleasure of his love.

May God forbid my selfish silence
if I do not speak in other tongues,
but if I had to speak just like the others…
God would understand that poison flows.

I reject the moving howling present,
I neglect the wronged crying past,
but if future comes in hands of present…
Better is to work it out and wear my mask.

I’ll spit on the cross all of my poison,
all the boiling blood I have inside,
if that’s what my father also gave me…
So be it, I’ll take it cool until the last.

Make a shelter for emotions,
build a place to pray my life,
give the world another signal,
I’ll rise again to set a fire.

On the sleeping of emotions…
spread the word and claim his name,
take revenge in love and silence,
show them all we’re all the same.

And when the time comes to speak as equals…
They’ll have their tongues in poison red,
no more lies and golden kingdoms,
no more slaves and no more hate.

And if I could ask you father for salvation…
I wouldn’t mind giving my life instead of theirs;
Let me carry there all of my poison,
my selfish silence and complains,

and on the cross across the torture…
God, do not let me die in vain.

-In God’s name-

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