lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Brief briefing about you.

Brief briefing about you.
(Eternal lovers rest)

Those eyes that laid a world of love upon
have now just shut to sleep on me,
in the end the warmth became the cold,
nothing was left but air to bleed.

The roaring ocean became a whisper,
a piece of lovely voice to hear from you,
then the waves reminded me your darkness,
the curly hair I used to smell so full of truth.

Over the silent nights I carved a name of yours,
ten thousand stones were there to see,
then one night alone the stars grimaced…
there was no “you” be left for me.

On a brief briefing about your absence
I learned the sky would fall on me,
my heart was yours and so you escaped,
I had a hole on chest that started bleed.

There on the ground I lost my feelings,
all I were was nothing but a dirty corpse,
then on a blink it all belonged to inexistence,
that fabled place where only you and I belong.

Those eyes, your breath, thin air!
the warmth of heart, the curly smell of hair,
your lovely voice becoming whispers,
the sweetest night for us to stood and stare.

And on a brief briefing about me and your existence…
I became aware I failed at mentioning some things,
those lungs that used to hold me as sigh forever,
red lips that kissed mine before always fell asleep.

Ticking time will erase all of my carvings,
no more stars will grimace upon our tomb,
then and again it will all belong silence…
and I’ll be there and just for you.

-Eternal lovers rest-

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