lunes, 23 de enero de 2012



Here I await for the last one kiss,
one last beat until goodbye,
the final touch upon our lips…
the last plea ‘til left behind.

A gaping wound will mourn over,
a broken heart will remain in cold,
a silent voice will come to shackle,
my body entire will fall to dust.

Shattered into pieces I will sing,
a song for love, a song for me,
the ballad of the broken lovers,
a hymn of those for not repeat.

Trembling words will cover distance,
a forbidden love remained unsaid,
then the world will come to existence…
the saddest face to show me late.

Burn me now and turn to ashes,
dance with me on shattered floor,
then with a smile of holy darkness…
kiss my lips, hold me close and let me go.


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