domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011



All of the pain that pierces...
becomes the love I had,
the waste of time I gave,
the falling pieces of my heart.

And I'll see you fall and hold...
just the exactly way I fell,
just the only way I knew to fall.
(Attenuated, on the floor.)

All the breaking anger,
the words I had for both...
all will be gone in silence,
I'll be fine if left alone.

(Attenuated, on the floor)

And asleep I'll find an answer,
some place within my mind...
to burry you and let us rest,
to be like you... and take away.

(On the floor, so attenuated)

Broken down and hurt I'll search
for a corner, a silly corner to let me hide,
to let me play a little game of none forgiving,
a little show of not forgetting how to smile.

(Unattenuated, broken down)

I'll hold your hand still in the distance,
I'll carry this weight as memory for life,
and if someday happens that it kills me...
don't you worry, I'll be fine.


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