viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Light and shadow.

Light and shadow.

Last night I heard a whisper,
a silent voice that called for love.
I awaited in the distance,
a fragile warmth embraced all.
It was half of mine and half of you,
half of both becoming true.

I took a step on blooming darkness,
the light bugs enlightened home.
It was strange to find me smiling,
but I smiled and smiled for you.
On the touch to reach perfection…
I heard a plea and knew your call.

Thicken shadows swallowed conscious,
beating heart was the only noise,
but then again I felt you warmer…
As the exact opposite of what I hold.
I kissed your lips and held you closer,
the lights and shadows glowing up.

Loneliness faded into nothing,
a shattered crystal on the floor.
Have I waited for this meaning?
I awaited a thousand years or so.
Then again I reached for surrender,
I was yours for ever making love.

Engulfed by the darkness I awaited,
I awaited to be the light at top of both,
the end and the beginning,
the correlation between light and love.
And even in your sadness you complete me,
it’s been light and darkness since a very long.

-Light and shadow-

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