sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

And I was made from clay.

And I was made from clay.

I was born at the dawn of our first day,
a heartless fool just made from clay.
On top of that I was imperfect,
loneliness was there to stood and stare.
I took a walk across the distance,
the air was sweet but didn’t care,
it was finally at the arriving midnight
when I felt so lost and in despair.
A cold night to follow after,
an empty life I couldn’t stand,
the advancing voices of the silence,
the saddest man just made from clay.
One night that valued thousands,
a living dead amongst the lies,
and if I could only had a partner…
I thought of that and felt the pain.
Smirking in the shadows I awaited,
I made a trap invoking god,
and when I finally got to see him…
I shook her hand and asked her name.
It was cold but I felt warmer,
her hand was skin while mine just clay,
I approached her with clothed silence
and then she smiled and stood and stared.
A beating heart beneath her shoulders,
a pretty smile she didn’t fake,
then her lips just broke the silence…
“I’ll heal your wounds, my man of clay”.

-And I was made from clay-

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