jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

These vows I want to give you.

These vows I want to give you.
(And everything can go to hell)

I’ve come to realize all my emotions,
the facts that made me and made me not,
the love and warmth I’d wish to give you,
the dreams you have and I would love.

Embrace my time and stay in silence,
I’ll make yours and value in gold,
we’ll have the life we ever wanted,
I’ll gift you mine exchanging both.

And if you dare from now to hold me…
I’ll never leave and I’ll be close.
No more loneliness to make things darker,
only brightest light to walk you home.

I swear with all my heart to be your lover,
the kindest friend, the dearest love,
a time with a smile always unveiled,
a never yielded passion to melt the snow.

I’ll reach you always because I want it,
I’ll hold you close since you’re my love,
time will come and take us higher,
the only place that you and I could go.

And everything can go to hell beneath us,
we’ll have the life, the kids and love,
the warmest kiss, a blank for both,
the never ending passion, my heart, an oath.

I’ll kneel before the angels I do not believe,
I’ll say the words I never thought,
I’ll dance the waltz I never needed,
I’ll sink and drown myself into the sea of love.

I swear my soul to the eyes of god
that I’ll be holding tender hearts,
that I’ll be living life for us.
I swear… I swear to you my vows.

And everything can go to hell if it’s to reach you,
everything can burn down if your not there,
these vows are all I’m meant to give you,
if you take them, everything will bloom again.

These vows I want to give you,
the whole life I want to spend,
the only love I wish to reach to,
… the only girl I’d love to stay.


-And everything can go to hell-

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