lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011



And I was there at that day
when we made love and parted half.
The earth was made from flesh,
the purity of souls became the sky.

And I was there at that day,
staring at your wounds and offering a coat,
filling and warming your insides,
giving a new life to make for both.

You dropped a kiss and made it water,
the rain came down and fertilized our love.
I made an oath and then it happened,
we had a son and life begun.

I was there and felt its walking,
you were there and heard his words.
We both shook as we were happy,
he was there, the product of our love.

I remember your eyes beneath the shadows,
the blinking lights so cast and pure,
and I, well aware of my condition,
I collided and we made love.

The inexistent became existence,
we made a conscious and developed a soul.
Then with our heart exposed and in the distance…
We made a container, a soul carrier of our love.

And I was there when all that happened,
I was there and held you close,
but then again we reached the silence…
And I was there when we made love and life begun.


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