miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

There's a waltz.

There’s a waltz.

There’s a waltz to be danced with feet of love,
with passion unveiled and heart exposed,
step, forward and back,
it’s a waltz just made for both.

On a turn of the turn the hands that holds,
the waist of hers and each step close.
There’s a waltz to dance that’s made for both.

On the corner of her lips I painted rainbows,
the senseless passion of being so close,
the beating heart beneath the halos…
my angel who stands in white snow.

Close and far over the dancing,
the holding close and letting go,
my arms that waits for a surrounding…

this waltz that’s made for both of us.

Tender skin over your shoulders,
my lips that chase the time to stole,
yet the passion corrupting all the lovers…
the sweetest kiss is landed while the rhythm flows.

One after another the steps to show
the passion unveiled and hearts exposed,
step, forward, and grab my hand…

There’s still a waltz that’s made for us.

-There’s a waltz-

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