miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Stab me until I bleed.

Stab me until I bleed.

Bring all the knives and unfair judges,
let them rain on me and make me hurt,
call my name again and make me sick,
so disgusting is to hear your voice.

Every mistake I’ve ever made…
I have a reminder on myself,
no one needs your always babbling
about what’s wrong and won’t forget.

Come and stab me,
come and hurt until I bleed,
maybe if I stay for once in silence…
you’ll be good and get to leave.

If you ever reach perfection
then you should come and laugh at me,
but until that happens I must tell you…
you should be the one stabbed to bleed.

Come hurt me,
bring a smile and let me bleed,
take a feast on all it’s worthy,
enjoy to stab before it kills.

-Stab me until I bleed-

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