domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Sickness and hatred.

Sickness and hatred.

They shall perish one after another,
let pass judgment upon,
make them tremble with a smile,
give them dust to eat for long.

Unplug my eyes for not to see,
punish the sinners and take their souls,
make the world the place we ever wanted,
it’s in your hands to make it work.

Embrace me with your warmth,
I called your name and made a date,
you owe me time so don’t take mine,
come to me, don’t make me wait.

In the kingdom of darkness I’ve been living,
all the shadows gathered until I felt sick,
unholy I still saw between the darkness,
I’m the one who called the sky to fall in here.

Come and hurt me until I die,
let me hear the screaming time,
pay respect to those who cheated,
show them, you, bringing the knife.

Let me laugh about the others!
if I am sick then be my cure,
let me last until my passion
drowns in blood of crimson beat.

I want to hold you until swallowed,
the abyss can wait before I go,
if I prayed I wasn’t mistaken,
there’s a god that purges all.

Under the edge of the sanity I’ll await,
I’ve chosen madness for to live,
these eyes I have are all my hatred…
since they showed me pain instead of peace.

All of the eyes will meet me,
all of the voices will damn my name,
if I only cared about the others…
I wouldn’t be calling for to leave.

-Sickness and hatred-

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