viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Cotton candy.

Cotton candy.

I met a girl with sugar taste,
cotton candy, lips are red.
The sweetest voice, a tender kiss,
cotton candy, I won’t miss.

Under the glow of the moon
our hands that held,
the warm but sticky soft…
cotton candy you were there!

Carnival of time between the fires,
the thoughts of love and perfect life,
the sound of beats within the heart…
and a cotton candy to make her smile.

Games of dates on pair of eyes,
the lucky me and the cutest you,
the drinking part and pair of straws
and the cotton candy we both shook.

On the blink of an eye the existence goes,
it taps our hearts and feelings flow.
If you stay tonight we’ll have enough…
for the cotton candy to learn from us.

-Cotton candy-

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