sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Weird story.

Weird story.

There was once a man who traveled earth
searching always for the sun where it burns,
and one day he walked a desert until fading out,
and he awoke in some ice cold place called heart.

Where was he standing there?
where was he standing there?
oh! No one truly knows.

Raise… your hand and ask
“Where… am I?” To me,
god knows you came here,
by leaving… life at sea.

Unexpected answers he got
until the brain just hurt,
how weird this place -he thought,
but the place means… anything.

There… the life was great
but he… just left that day
oh! But what a joke,
life’s just how it is.

Where? My beloved dear,
am I, without a sign of you?
the sun has lost all its bright
and I… don’t know anything.

Where are you my dame in black?
I’m calling your name this time.
see my pretty mine, I’ve come…
to rescue you, just once, so now
you owe me one, don’t’ you?

Yes, I swear… I’ll remember that, my moon,
silver light that guards my soul, I’ll…
repay some time to you.
oh how can you repay your life to me?

And so the man took its time to think.

Oh lord! How am I supposed to owe
if this has no feet or head?
I didn’t left life at see as I remember,
I just died over the desert on the earth.

Then god answered above his head.

If the heart gets so cold as the deep of the water
And the mind is the ocean where you were drowning…
searching the sun values nothing since you’ll only get this lost.

The heat and fire will warm,
but never embrace for you the soul,
human values more for what’s on his heart…
rather of what he gains by loosing its control.

Oh god I made mistakes,
but it wasn’t my fault to be this bored,
it’s not my fault to hate the world…
if people doesn’t show a brain or single thought.

I feel shame for you my son
since the life you lost you wont retake,
this here is the end of the show…
and now you seem to belong to it.

An so the story ends…
with a not so bright lost kid
who gave a way life…
instead of living it for free.


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