miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

My name to you.

My name to you.

I, on the corner of my mind,
remember each step of love.
Viewings of the heart!
Illusions for us both.
Never ending for emotions,
golden hills on wanted home.

Our time together as a promise,
my goal, to give you all.
A couple as we ever wanted!
Reign of love forever more.

Married youngsters always searching
eternal love exchanging vows.
Jinxed heart so full of passion,
I’m only a slave of you and every word.
A light you are between my shadows.

Running wild my beating heart…
I announce my love to you on a verse,
vanish now my fear and be my calm!
Erase it all and be my girl.
Rendezvous on time to time,
arouse my life and just say yes.

-My name to you-

(To Vianne d’Praux)

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