jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Kokoro no onna.

Kokoro no onna.

I want to hold that which you carry inside
with this hands made for to respect,
don’t look me wrong because of that,
I’m just wanting to see you well.

Don’t be so surprised if I say love…
since I always wanted to hold you for,
kokoro no onna I want to protect,
kokoro no onna, this is how I confess.

Under the sky I promise to remove
every single thorn that will be hurting you,
kokoro no onna don’t say no,
kokoro no onna don’t let go.

Here I am as the time passes so slow…
carrying my heart to give you these words,
kokoro no onna… I love you much,
take my life and give your love.

Let me heal your wounds and make forget,
let me handle pain, don’t stay a way.

Kokoro no onna this is me,
maybe not much perfect,
but for you I’ll always try to be.

This is me loving you always,
this is me confessing one last will.

Say yes instead of nope,
kokoro no onna…
let me come and hold you close.

-Kokoro no onna-

To the one I love.
Do I need to say anything else after this? I know I’m not the best man expressing emotions nor a romantic and neither a great poet, but this… this I made, was only because I wanted to give you something special to remind you that I’m still in love with you and that I love you enough to try and make a romantic poem even tough I’m not too good at it and used to it.
Jess, I love you, that’s all I know and want to tell.
To Jessica Mendoza Kuong.

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