jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Keep it up.

Keep it up.

For those you love…
you must give it all and fight,
And if you lose…
You’ll only have again to try.

The rules of life will never change,
if you want to have what you desire…
You’ll need to pay something in exchange,
a bit of blood, a lot of sweat.

Tiredness is supposed to happen,
but the thing is not to let it go.
The prize is all you ever wanted,
embrace your goal and keep it up.

And if you fail you must continue,
persevere and you will come…
With the trophy and all the glory,
don’t let time just zip it off.

And if you ever forget the way to go…
Look behind and you will see them,
not only the prize but what you needed,
the cheering team of those you love.

-Keep it up-

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