miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Cut you.

Cut you.
(Like a talk show)

In this game of tell and run
it doesn’t matter who you love,
the truth depends on what you got,
the kind of knife that pierces all.

One word to kneel you down,
the first call that changed love,
the audition awaits for both…
The stabbing and the gossip of the show.

Overflowing with the guilt of passion
a shard of tears to act for gold,
the scheme of fall behind the actor…
What a shame it didn’t work.

On the counter of the words you gave
I’ll give for me some little more,
a revenge for every wound you’ve made,
a bit of spice to cut you up.

And on the war of words to blame,
we were the fools that made it wrong,
because in this game of tell and run…
We were both edging till the end.

-Like a talk show-

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