sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Babel kids.

Babel kids.

We came to a place
where we found what we were,
a family of brothers and sisters,
something we’ll never forget.

Some one set some verses,
another came with a response,
we all started being together,
we became kinda like a club.

Between the letters we just met
the pacifism, mind, and love,
each of them well represented…
by one of my friends I like a lot.

I respected and enjoyed every comment,
I learned from them to love a dream,
I also admired every single poem,
that’s how I ended as a Babel kid.

Now I have the memories and times.

Yes, we came to a place…
where the languages converge,
we met each other and made
our home in la torre de Babel.
I thank you all for your friendship,
that’s something I’ll never forget.

To my dear friends Ramiro Pad, Pemby winter and April rain.
I thank you all for all you gave me, the comments, the time, the friendship, the points of view, lessons, thoughts… and everything.

This… is for us, the Babel kids.

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