sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

As long as she stays.

As long as she stays.

We have the sunshine here
Where the heart is too cold to feel,
But it’s trying always,
It will always try as long as she stays.

Too cold and maybe frozen
But alive and beating,
Alive and beating for her,
For the only one he ever cared.

Hope’s not a very common friend but…
He’s trying every day to learn,
He’s always trying to live…
Because she’s still here with him.

Dreams replacing nightmares,
All is thanks to her,
And yet… he still has problems to express.
But it’s not important if you think so
Because, he will live and learn…
Always as long as she stays.

Winter will be hard
But he’s warmer than he was,
Unexpected, but things are the way they are,
And as everything changes…
He just wants to hold her hand.

It’s all a little bit of love,
Maybe something good for all the bad,
Something not broken to keep and guard,
That is someone to gaze at the stars.

We have the sunshine here,
But it doesn’t matter if she’s not,
It doesn’t matter… if she’s gone.

As long as she stays, as long as she stays
This one silly heart… will only live for her.

To someone truly special I don’t want to lose.
You are my everything, the only one I can tell I love.

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