sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

So far away from home.

So far away from home.

Poor kid so confused and so lost,
you need to find your home,
you were forgotten long ago.

Sorry kid, this is all your fault,
you’re so far away from home,
no one can help you,
you never wanted to be helped,
now it’s time to prove yourself,
you know you can,
(It’s gonna be fun to see you fall
but it’s gonna be better to see you at the top)

Try to make this world your new home
even if it’s just for a while,
maybe in this place…
you should be able to find yourself
and everything you always wanted.

Poor kid you’re so hurt
but still you don’t want to accept it,
open your eyes my boy,
this is not your world.

You’re so far away from home,
here we can help you,
and we want to do it but…
you never let us do it,
you want to pretend that you’re strong
but in here we know your weaknesses,
stop acting please; you’re as weak as your heart.

You think your heart is just stone
but to be honest, we think…
that your heart is very soft and pure,
We know that you knew it
but you just didn’t wanted to hear it.

You’re so far away from home,
you lost that place and keep on missing it,
if you don’t take care…
you can loose this world too,
you don’t have another option,
you must stay here to learn how to live,
so please stay with us.

We want you to stay here
and forget about the bad things,
we want to offer you a new beginning,
a whole new life… but here with us.

Start again and forget that fake personality,
here we have a place for you if you want it,
please accept it; we want you here with us,
it’s time to solve your problems,
the puzzle of your mind and…
those labyrinth feelings on your heart.

It’s time to solve everything,
it’s time to find the truth inside you.

You’re so far away from home
but so close to us,
keep on searching and you’ll find us,
we are an important part of you,
we are always with you
but you don’t want to listen to us.

You’re just an innocent boy,
you’re not capable of hurt someone,
poor, poor kid, so confused and so lost,
it’s time for you to rest.

We wish you could stay here,
but you have to go back to your world,
stop dreaming and go away,
go and see the truth of your world,
you don’t deserve to be afraid,
go now but remember…
that we are your feelings and we love you,
remember that you are as important as everyone.

When arriving at your world…
open your eyes and live.

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