jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Hello Mr. Darkness.

Hello Mr. Darkness.

One step after another she goes
as the spider climbing to the wall,
oh but what shame I didn’t came,
this will still have to wait even more.

Have I closed my eyes again?
guess it’s time to play a game.

Well there she comes raining as always,
thinking I care a shit about her state,
oh but what about my manners?
didn’t I say I never cared about such ways?

Arms on me and she holds high stakes,
doesn’t she know I bet this one to myself?
guess she made the same mistake again
by thinking I would wait for her in bed.

Not this time, this time is mine.

Come close and I’ll let go
the tears to drop over the floor,
all is a failure I won’t correct,
at least not between your arms
and not this time between your legs.

This is me with a “no” for an answer
and a smile from ear to ear,
this is me and I am laughing…
at your face as I enjoy this lead.

No more Mr. Warming,
it’s time to show you me,
say hello to Mr. Darkness,
I came to show you leave.

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