domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

A dumb love poem.

A dumb love poem.

And I am sitting here while she comes
oh the pretty girl I love so much,
she says “hey honey why don’t we move on?”
and I just can think “this girl is crazy”.
(Yeah, this girl is crazy)

Now another morning and I cant’ stop
I love her always,
oh yeah I love her always,
she’s the best girl I will ever know
I will love her always, always will love her.

She’s sitting on the kitchen while she waits for me
and she’s so gorgeous,
she’s the best damn thing I see,
I love that woman while she waits for me,
I’ll love her always.

Cheer up my lover we are moving on
in time will marry
we’ll marry under the sun and you’ll be happy,
oh yeah, you will be happy.

So raise your hand my little girl,
give me a smile and we’ll walk together,
we’ll walk together,
my girl please stay.

I got a ring for a finger on your hand
so pretty baby please just shine,
felicidades, I love you this much
felicidades girl just say yes.

And so we are moving on
in this dumb poem that could be a song
and I’ll love her always, I’ll love her always,
always be my love.

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