jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Because men will always be men.

Because men will always be men.

Walking down the sunrise I saw her,
a hell of a woman I must say,
not the normal kind of girl you’d love
or the one to say “honey your just great”,
but type of girl you just wouldn’t say a no.

How big I was back then
when shadows gave birth to my self?
one step after another to chase that girl,
one step after another to commit mistakes.

Silver moon that purges the night
walk me home, don’t let me die.

Thin air and cold walk she moved to grab my hand,
heart beat so fast as her rotten fingers touched mines,
was I dreaming? Was I still alive that night?
oh god! What a lie is to say you guide our hands.

Eyes opened I felt nothing but a little shame,
ah the human that always fall for a pretty girl…
and so my weaknesses guide me here to this hell.

One after another, my step goes to find her,
as everything’s death… oh what a mess!
I want her only tonight,
I just want her to have some sex.

And so… even in hell,
men will always be men.

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