jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011



Walking down the sunrise I just heard em cry,
I went to see the world crashing down
and down they were like a dead butterfly,
no one smiled there under the great grey sky…
that somehow turned out to be a night dressed in black.

We carried the coffin over the graveyard
between the trees and the green green grass,
buried deep into the ground…
we left our broken hearts.

Wedding bells ringed
except of course for the wedding part,
one life ended yet…
we somehow managed to survive.

Being dead as we were that night…
we were all a parade of life.

Some candles lightened the way helped by the moon
and there we were singing one last song,
one last for the lost love.

Some tears came out of their eyes
while I was just laughing on the floor,
they don’t really understand how did this happened,
I just don’t really wanna know.

“life is a bitch and for me that’s all”

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