martes, 31 de mayo de 2011



Slowly killing the real one,
taking his place in the world,
trying to live his life,
slowly killing the heart,
walking on the desert of his mind
looking for some answers
that I have in mine.

Slowly killing him to start my life,
swimming in his dreams
to find the truth inside of him,
searching for my freedom
in order to start living.

Slowly killing his memories
to put my memories in his mind,
slowly killing his soul
to put mine in his body.

I deserve to have his body,
that’s why I’m stealing it,
I’m going to steal it very slowly,
I’m going to make him suffer,
he’s gonna fall sooner.

The sun is gonna fall
and the moon will reborn.

Slowly killing him
to be him but better,
slowly taking his place,
slowly living his life,
and no one knows…
that he’s slowly disappearing.

1 comentario:

  1. mmm.....
    U already know how i love to read u in english...
    But this one, sad as well, has something special...
    I like it so much.
    Kisses, rojito!