viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Returning to mother.

Returning to mother.
(The coward)

All of us sons of the same mother
brothers if you want to call us,
we belong to same place and so…
we have the mission of return.

All of the pollution making you cry
it’s all thanks to us mother,
we’re the reason why you die,
and so… we live without think.

Mother, forgive us and let us return,
we pray and beg for the day
to be one with you again
and return from the ashes to dust.

We mother, are the sons of the sin,
carrying your pain as nothing,
and you mother…
Why haven’t you started the hunting?

My blood is yours and you know,
just like the blood of the others,
wouldn’t I be proud of returning?
mother… I’m dying after all, so…
Why don´t you use me to heal the wounds?

I can see the escaping tears and your despair,
I feel it on the air and it worries me too much,
you and I have to solve the way of life,
you and I… have to become one.

Meaningless humans walking over
while we mother, suffer one for the other,
I want all of them to feel our pain,
mother please… let’s not wait.

Imagine them bleeding from one side to the other,
crying loud and prying over to god
while we smile out of our own control,
with no one else to bother us mother and son.

Poisoning our days we live between life and death so…
makes no difference if we die or get dead,
if we fall or if we rise until the beginning and end of a day,
we deserve… whatever you give us under the rain.

Bring the thunder mother,
and a storm of sweet hate,
clean us with the water
tasting your vengeance ‘til the end.
We must all return to you,
to the mother’s womb
where we born once
deep on the ancient times.

Mother I beg, no last chance to correct,
no more sadness on earth,
no more of this hurting pain,
mother, let’s not wait
let us… return to where we belong.

Or at least… let me return to you
and start over again my lonely life,
mother… make me free of soul and…
let me return.

I… the condemned son of my beloved mom
and the one blaming others like a coward
running away from responsibility after all.
I… the shame of mother and life.

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