martes, 17 de mayo de 2011



Go and take away this life you gave,
if it’s not important for you…
why would it be important for me?

Time will give me life again
in some other’s eyes not yours,
time will give me what you had…
........a heart for not to leave behind.

Am I replaceable?

So as I am replaceable…
you are just that the same way,
......just another moment to forget.

....Can you say I was not perfect?
.you can say whatever
.but you can never say…
.....we were not meant to be together.

Time will teach you what I now know,
you can go ruining this life of mine,
.but can´t escape from it…
.since you’re falling a part with me.

Shattered eyes will break into tears at night,
would it be fine if we cry far a part?
nah, it does not matters for such a girl you are,
that´s only important for this replaceable I am.

Tell the world you never knew me or felt a thing,
I’ll be telling my self how stupid it was to believe
all you said a bout the love we supposed to live,
I’ll be dying from inside while you die alone outside.

Surround yourself with all those you called friends
and try to keep on the lie a bout your lack of love,
I’ll be wishing you the stars to guard you as always
from all those only want to use you for their treats.


Yes I am, and so I can replace my self,
so don’t come again saying
you’re in needing of a friend,
because you’ll only find my-self… replace.
........(You’ll only find what you made after left.)

And you’ll get whatever you want
but I will never be there, never again for you,
not as your friend and…
neither again as the lovers in the end.

Go on and replace this we had,
but don’t come over again,
I’m done with you in my heart.

I wish you luck at that.

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