lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Recycling spaces.

Recycling spaces.

Because you’re not anymore needed…
We can buy the space and use it now,
we can shed a tear or dance a lot,
it doesn’t matter since you’re gone.

All the time we waste and lost…
Have come to be a step I gave,
a closest sight to get my point,
a thing I lived to get to her.

The promises of love we used to have…
Have a new container so as my heart,
recycling spaces is not that hard
as thought it would be since left behind.

Under her name I carved mine,
not yours but I don’t mind,
the space belongs to she and I…
I’ll say thanks for getting out.

On a bitter word of crueler weight
I’ll only say what I think most,
that you’re not needed where she stands
and I’m just way far better with her love.

-Recycling spaces-

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