lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011



Never forever someday
because forever means nothing to her,
then with a smile a shot in the head…
circus of love has daggers not brains.

Under the circle a finger to take,
diamond in gold to the heart of a girl,
then with a smile she’s got you controlled…
oh my god, I’ll be dying in pain.

Hours of always and she’s got a date,
cake and a coffee as long as you wait,
then with a smile she asks for pardon…
it’s always crucial for them to be late.

Recently known manly radar just shows,
a pair of lips you would like for to taste,
the heart beating as she’s coming close…
ah, the smile and you lost all the game.

Alone, alone without a smile,
a rose drying below the sun,
abandoned you’ll sadly await…
for a reason for you to move on.


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