sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Abyss will.

Abyss will.

And all I saw was only a fantasy,
the mere concept of a dream,
a nightmare if you want to call it,
a prison hidden beneath you feet.

And while the world kneeled down
I began to hunt the dragon,
devil’s eyes came straight to me.

Under the clouds I took my vow,
all the wisdom I had once told you
became the light and so the arrow,
you were there but wandering alone.

Open hearts received glory,
broken bones became the dust,
then all the fools began to call us…
those who live so far against the truth.

Yet the step was gave over the desert,
the scent of truth was felt on air,
white walls remarked freedom,
all of the pills then tasted so well.

And when the reason was scolded…
We sat over the world and all its weight,
just like humpty dumpty did over the wall,
like a fragile piece just waiting for to break.

-Abyss will-

2 comentarios:

  1. Me mudé... de blog, jeje. Perdí los links. Pero ya aquí de vuelta para molestart... digo, leerte, jeje. Muas rojito!

  2. Eso explicaría por qu ya no me daba el enlace para verte... ¬¬ y ni me avisas.

    Es bueno tenerte por aquí así sea mlestando... digo... leyendo XD.

    Cuidate sweet, besos.