miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Mornings away.

Mornings away.

I know you left long ago
but I just don't wanna let you go,
you're still here in my heart
and you never left my eyes.

It seems that I still need you
even that I tried not to miss you,
I got a picture of you in my mind
so it wouldn’t help if I were blind.

I'm trapped in those beautiful mornings,
I want to see you come trough the door
or saying hello trough the window,
always coming to me,
always smiling.

Those mornings have gone away
but I still miss them everyday,
I’m still being the same,
always remembering all of them.

I keep telling myself I made a mistake,
I left you go once without thinking
and I left you go twice without wanting,
by the third I was not fast enough.

I lost you without knowing.

I lost those wonderful mornings
but I still want to see your eyes
and smell your black hair again,
I miss you so much.

Think about your snoozing face is not good for me,
but it seems that I just can't stop doing it,
besides, I really don't want to,
I can't allow me to.

I prefer to hold you in my mind
and let you live in my heart,
that's the only way to have you with me,
'cause you know I lost you in my life.

The smile and happiness you brought me,
I haven't been able to find them again,
I’ve lost them mornings away with you.

"You belong to my heart
and my heart belongs to you."

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