lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Goodbye to life.

Goodbye to life.

All the voices surrounding one last breath,
whispering they knew it,
whispering they cared.
But all the people lie,
So why can’t we forget?

I promise he’ll stay where he is,
he’s after all… All ready dead,
there’s no more heart beat,
Why can’t we just forget?

Tomorrow we’ll carry him,
the last ride of all his life.

If you look at me I’ll be smiling,
there’s no real reason for to be crying,
I prefer to take it as something normal
so… There is no reason for the fake tears
when you have a rainfall over the head.

No more stupid faces over silly places,
no more sad feelings or broken pieces,
hust the life passing by…
While you say good bye.

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