sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Far from the matter.

Far from the matter.

Here so far from the living I say
there’s nothing better than you,
those eyes that caught me,
the smile I used to like a lot,
far from the matter there´s something,
far from the matter there’s me.

On the way of shadows I remember
last words I said to your ears
“far from the matter we still exist,
far from the matter…
there’s a you and there’s a me”

On the touch of salvation
redemption sounds like a joke,
leaving as I am for the future
dead’s like a life without a love.

A shower of memories goes by
as I walk the last line to the end,
as I walk my last line to the grave.

Far from your arms surrounding
I have nothing but this emptiness.
Far from the matter…
there’s only me waiting for you.

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