domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

All the pretty faces.

All the pretty faces.

Showing a smile on the dark
you can bet they will give you a hand,
all those pretty faces faking
they will say you are a mirage.

Oh! Could you believe them?
How can the say you are something like that
if they only want to use you to get out of a drag?
Like an entertainment you’re just for a while.

Believe me, the pretty faces will leave
like a scar on your face after your help,
all of them in the hypocritical darkness
all of them not wishing you well.

I’ll be here on the corner waiting,
holding my breath to heal you again,
just like the last time you fell,
I’ll be here holding your hand ‘til the end.

All the pretty faces…
And I am not one of them.

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