martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

The unloved.

The unloved.

I saw the lovers always kissing,
I saw them loving on a flash,
I thought for love I had no ticket,
I wasn’t ashamed but I felt sad.

I kept walking and still living,
no hand extended holding mine,
I’ll be the unloved and no complaining,
if this is my way… Then I’ll be fine.

Under the skin my chest is empty,
I took away my beating heart,
there was no needing for my feelings,
I dropped them out and gave a damn.

No love for me to follow,
no place for me to hide,
no shame or pain to handle,
it’s just me without a heart.

I saw the lovers always kissing,
I used to care but now I’m fine,
I’m the unloved and I’m smiling,
I’ll forever be like that.

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