sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

To make her fall for me.

To make her fall for me.

On the line of her lips…
I committed suicide for a kiss.
Her warmth and smooth skin
had me lost from toe to tip.
Her eyes burned full of passion,
she felt just the way I did.
Was it enough this interaction?
I think not and so I grinned.

On a second chance I’ll maybe hold her,
kiss her more and drag her near,
show her love and be the lover,
tell her it ought to be always me.
Yet, the time must be slow marching,
She stole my heart, I stole her kiss.
Is it time to wait for an answer?
In case I fail I’ll just repeat.

Another day’s another waiter,
I still feel hunger for her lips.
Will she come to be my dearest?
I still think it’s worth the risk.
On one hand I have my passion,
on the other... I’ll permit.
If she says yes then it’s forgiven…
All I’ve done to make her fall for me.

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