viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011


The Horror Puppet Show by *PunkRockPrinc3ss on deviantART


The strains are pulled under the skin,
the puppet starts its dance.
It’s human being a circus!
Time has come to force a smile.

Faith becomes the inspiration,
a goal has come to be achieved,
trust god and it’ll be simple,
the puppet is made for to believe.

One show after another,
a day turns gray instead of dark,
Where’s the light if not in tunnels?
Have the strains can’t be left behind?

The mouth is open with a prayer,
my misbehavior doesn’t count,
call your god and be his puppet,
I’ll call my self and I’ll be fine.

One puppet for another puppet,
I don’t like what I see or what they are,
wish the strings would be forever broken…
Wish they’d all fall from masters hand.


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